Alexandra: We exchanged our wedding vows in Egypt. When Khaled arrived in Germany we got married. As far as legality goes, our marriage was officially recognised through the state ceremony but we also had another ceremony in the mosque so he could be married before God. It was very important to him and I had no problem with it. What was important to me was that our marriage be recognised by the Church. Alexandra: We signed a notarial marriage contract and in that contract are rules as to what would happen to the children should we separate. We also had to agree on a “morning gift” a gift that the husband gives the wife on the morning of the ceremony. All I asked for was a ring, I am financially secure enough.

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Displaced Egyptian Christian families, who used to live in the north of the Sinai Peninsula The much larger Coptic Orthodox Church, dating its origins from a.

The documented history of Egypt dates back to the age of codification about BC and over more than years of its written history. Although the country was subjected to military occupation dozens of times over this long period, Egypt changed its religious doctrine only twice. The first was in the first Century with Christianity, and the second with Islam in the seventh century.

In fact, Egypt has succeeded in injecting both Islam and Christianity with many of its ancient beliefs. In the end, the essence of the ancient Egyptian doctrine was centered on faith in the resurrection after death, reckoning, paradise and hell, all of which are essential components to all the Abrahamic religions. Perhaps we need to explain how Egypt created its own version of Islam in a separate article.

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Religion plays a large role in Egyptian society. While these statistics give an overview of the religious landscape of Egypt, there is also a small but growing number of people who identify as atheist or nonreligious, as well as some who consider themselves to be Muslim by birth but not by devotion. Social tension often arises from religious differences.

Of the remaining population, 9% identify as Coptic Orthodox Christian and the remaining 1% identify with some other denomination of Christianity. While these​.

A Coptic journalist has detailed her frustration living as a woman in an Egyptian society where men regularly treat Christian woman as whores, and shared ways in which the Coptic Church has also mistreated females. As many women across the world today are speaking out about the sexual abuses they have faced at the hands of men, Magdy said that sexual harassment in Egypt should be described as a country-wide “epidemic. In the Muslim-majority African country, Christian women and other religious minorities who don’t cover their heads in public are targets.

Magdy explained that she is careful to watch out for those types of men, some of whom she has worked with in the past. What’s worse, Hagdy said, is that in many cases, the community will always defend the harasser against allegations of a woman who was harassed. She added that in some cases where women report harassment, they are told not to “get caught up in a scandal” because “shame will be on you.

The study also found that victim shaming is common in Egypt, even among women. Eighty-four percent of women surveyed agreed that “women who dress provocatively deserve to be harassed. Religious fanaticism and the claim of virtue make women blame the victim,” Magdy explained. Usually, perpetrators get off scot-free. Magdy stated that Christian women are afraid to file reports because they fear police will discriminate against them if they do. Magdy claims that Egyptian society is in a state of “duality,” where it announces the importance of “liberation and enlightenment” but does not live out those ideals.

She also criticized the Coptic Orthodox Church for not differing from the culture in the way it treats women.

Q&A: Understanding the issue of Coptic divorce in Egypt

Here she offers an introduction to what her life is like as a Coptic Orthodox woman in Egypt. CAIRO — To be a woman in a country where most of her people see women as a disgrace, and at best look at her from a sexual point of view, it is a heavy burden, but even worse when you are a Christian woman. It is hell! To be a Coptic woman, you are under many grievances by society and church alike. Coptic women in Egypt face two dilemmas: gender as a female and religion as Christians.

Egypt’s Coptic Orthodox Church’s spokesperson announced on Saturday evening that Pope Tawadros II has decided to defrock priest Rewiess.

CAIRO — 3 May The matter of divorces amongst the Coptic community in Egypt has been one of the most troubling issues in the church since ; the year in which Pope Shenouda lll of Alexandria proclaimed that divorce must be on the grounds of adultery. Eight important questions to understand the issue of divorce in the Coptic Church: Does Christianity allow for divorce? The matter of divorce is according to the faith and doctrine of each church. In the Catholic Church there is no divorce, but it is possible to annul a marriage.

However, in the Orthodox and Evangelical Churches, divorce is possible but under certain terms and conditions. Why has the personal status issue of the Copts worsened in the recent years? The first is if the husband or the wife committed an affair or the act of adultery, which is hard to prove. The second is if one of the two parties has changed religion. The Coptic Church depended on a regulation called the Regulation, which permitted divorce in the case of seven situations: physical abusing, indulging in debauchery, persistence of aversion, absence, imprisonment, infectious disease and insanity.

Then came the list of , which limited the permissibility of divorce to indulging in debauchery adultery , and change in religion only.

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Hearing the comments from the Copts teenagers are not the basic references because some experiences them has his own opinion may be it was mixed with egyptian American culture or has some of deformations. It is preferred to get the dating of dating which has different experiences in many countries from coptic Coptic priests I advice you to go Coptic orthodox church and meet a priests there.

The Copts relationships between each other [including relationship between opposite sex] basic and only referenced on the Holy Bible, so if you go your Egypt and ask a Coptic priest it would be the same as in America or even overseas.

The largest published collection to-date, Ancient Christian Magic (Marvin Meyer the transitions from traditional Egyptian religion to Christianity and Islam, the.

Site Search Arabic Bible Gallery. Gallery Search. This page is a summary of the Coptic Church history, click here for full details of the Coptic History and the Church Councils in Arabic. The modern use of the term “Coptic” describes Egyptian Christians, as well as the last stage of the ancient Egyptian language script.

Also, it describes the distinctive art and architecture that developed as an early expression of the new faith. The Coptic Church is based on the teachings of Saint Mark who brought Christianity to Egypt during the reign of the Roman emperor Nero in the first century, a dozen of years after the Lord’s ascension. He was one of the four evangelists and the one who wrote the oldest canonical gospel. Christianity spread throughout Egypt within half a century of Saint Mark’s arrival in Alexandria as is clear from the New Testament writings found in Bahnasa, in Middle Egypt, which date around the year A.

The Coptic Church, which is now more than nineteen centuries old, was the subject of many prophecies in the Old Testament. Demiana Monastery, El-Barary, Egypt. Although fully integrated into the body of the modern Egyptian nation , the Copts have survived as a strong religious entity who pride themselves on their contribution to the Christian world.

Leishmaniasis in Ancient Egypt and Upper Nubia

The first statement, published on Facebook , was released by the Diocese of Minya and Abu Qurqas, announcing that Reweiss Aziz Khalil had been stripped of his title and returned him to his pre-ordination name Yousef Aziz Khalil. It remains unclear whether Aziz Khalil will face any legal punishment — whether in Egypt or the United States of America — for his alleged crimes and whether the Coptic Orthodox Church will pursue such legal action.

It is also unclear how Aziz Khalil continued practising despite being defrocked in by the Pope.

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Victoria has recorded new cases of coronavirus and 11 further deaths in the past 24 hours. Coptic Christians, known as Copts, are the largest ethno-religious minority in Egypt, constituting roughly 10 per cent of the country’s 95 million people. Although many now identify as Arabs, Copts do not historically believe themselves to be of Arab origin, but are instead acknowledged as the remaining descendants of the civilisation of the Ancient Egyptians, with Pharaonic origins.

Although they are primarily located in Egypt, they are also spread throughout neighbours Libya and Sudan. In Australia there are some 30, Copts. In Muslim-majority Egypt, Coptic Christians are often the victims of persecution and repeated attacks on their churches , and have a history of being scapegoated and marginalised by the state.

The divisions between the country’s Muslims and the Copts were exacerbated after the Egyptian Revolution of , when the military overthrew the British colony and created the Republic of Egypt. The Republic of Egypt, part of then-president Gamal Abdel Nasser’s anti-Western “pan-Arabism,” was ultimately established as a Muslim country, and the decades that followed saw an exodus of Egypt’s Copts.

Coptic Christians face constant trouble from the Egyptian state — for example, getting permission to build churches is made nearly impossible, they are frequently openly discriminated against or lynched, and the predominantly Muslim Government is subsequently criticised for turning a blind eye to their plight. This reality has kept the relationship between the Egyptian Government and the head of the Coptic Church — currently Pope Tawadros II — extremely precarious, with Copts often toeing a very narrow line in their push for religious freedom and rights.

Subsequent governments have often pledged to protect Egypt’s Copts, including current President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi , however such promises have consistently failed to materialise.